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Tooned In is a trivia game show themed around Nickelodeon's animated shows, hosted by the animated robot Nicky. Its first season aired on weekdays at 5:00 PM EST, from February 8th through March 5th of 2021. A second season was announced to have been greenlit on July 7, 2021.[1] The second season features Jerry Trainor joining as co-host and premiered on September 17, 2021.


From the press release:

"In Tooned In, an animated A.I. robot, Nicky (voiced by Rama Vallury, AOK), hosts a gameshow where kid contestants compete in a battle of Nickelodeon cartoon knowledge for the chance to be named the night's big winner and take home exciting prizes. Each episode features three kids who must solve animation questions across slime-filled rounds of trivia until only one contestant is left in the competition. The final kid will then be declared the episode's big winner and move on to a special prize round to compete against Nicky and climb the robot's motherboard for a chance to win the $1,000 grand prize.

During the week of March 1, Tooned In will get interactive with the Screens Up app and on, where kids at home can play along in real time to answer the same questions being asked during the show. The top four users with the highest scores will be displayed on-air at the end of each episode and the top 100 users will be displayed within the game.[2]"

Each episode consists of two rounds. Correct answers in the first round are worth ten points, and correct answers in the second round are worth twenty. Each time one of the three contestants answers a question correctly, the other two have slime dropped on them. In some cases, a mystery substance (whatever Nicky feels like) such as mushy peas, mousse, or kelp, gets sprayed at them from the pipes on the contestants' podiums instead (especially when it looks like the contestants are about to get slimed). If all three contestants fail to answer a question, they are all slimed or sprayed.

In the first season, one category that almost always appeared was Cartoon Cosplay. This category is cohosted by the Nicktoon NickGoon, a janitor who always appears dressed as and pretending to be a Nicktoon character, much to Nicky's annoyance. The questions are usually based around whichever character the NickGoon is cosplaying as.

The first round always ends with The Impossible Question, in which Nicky presents a shot or clip from a Nicktoon and asks a question about it, usually asking how many of a certain item are in the picture or clip shown. The answer would be revealed after the first commercial break. The contestant whose answer comes the closest to the correct one gets twenty-five points.

After a replay of "today's slimiest moments" (a montage of the episode's slimings), the second round always ends with a speed round called All the Answers, in which Nicky asks up to ten questions, with twelve possible answers written on his monitor on the left. The contestants have to guess which of the twelve provided answers is the correct one for the question being asked. Correct answers in this round are worth twenty-five points each. The contestant with the most total points by the end of the speed round gets to continue onto the bonus round after the next commercial break. In the event of a tie for first place, an additional question (or extremely rarely 2) using the remaining answer/s will determine the winner of the round. The tying contestant who correctly answers the question first gets to continue to the bonus round.

In most episodes, before the second commercial break, Nicky shows the Nicktoon Moment of the Day, featuring a random scene from a random Nicktoon show (usually The Loud House).

After the second commercial break, each episode ends with the winning contestant moves on to the bonus round, Climb or Slime, in which they can win up to $1,000. A pyramid of questions based around select Nicktoons is presented on Nicky's monitor, with the top-most question being based around whichever show the contestant chooses. For each correct answer, the contestant moves up a level on the pyramid. If they answer a question incorrectly, the contestant can either switch to a different show's question, or "slime reset" to a different question for the show they were just asked about.


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  • Tooned In has the same name as a game show pilot that was produced by Nickelodeon Studios in 1998, which also featured an animated host. Unfortunately, since the pilot was not picked up and the only footage known to exist appeared in a 2000 sizzle reel, very little information is known about the older concept.


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