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Toran Caudell (born October 15, 1982), known as Lane Toran is an actor, voice actor, and musician from the United States.

He was the first actor to provide a voice to Arnold on Hey Arnold! He also later on provided the voice of Wolfgang, the leader of the 5th grade bullies.

The role of Arnold was given to Phillip Van Dyke in Season 2, as Toran was unable to perform Arnold's voice after going through puberty. Though due to deviations from production order, some of Toran's work as Arnold was aired as part of Season 2 and Season 3. Toran also reprised his role as Arnold in the episode "What's Opera Arnold?", as Arnold's singing voice.

In 2015 he returned to acting, appearing in shows like Nashville and Satisfaction, and also came back to have a speaking role as Che and the other river pirates in Hey Arnold! The Jungle Movie

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