The Trix are recurring antagonists in Winx Club. They are a group of three witches named Icy, Darcy, and Stormy, who were expelled from the Cloud Tower school.

In the Nickelodeon episodes, Icy is voiced by Larisa Oleynik, who also played Alex Mack on The Secret World of Alex Mack. Darcy is voiced by Jennifer Cody and Stormy is voiced by Kimberly Brooks.


Icy has fair skin and bluish white hair tied into a high ponytail. She mainly wears dark blue boots and a dark blue outfit with the letter 'I' in the middle.

Darcy has fair skin, long brown hair, and lighter brown bangs. She mainly wears a dark purple outfit with the letter 'D' in the middle. She is sometimes seen with glasses.

Stormy has fair skin, bluish-lavender hair styled in a cloud-shaped hairdo, and light bluish-lavender bangs in a lightning bolt shape. She mainly wears a reddish-violet outfit with the letter 'S' in the middle.


Icy is the leader and the oldest of the trio. Her powers are derived from ice, snow, frost and sleet, which starkly contrast with Bloom's powers derived from fire.

Darcy is the second oldest of the trio. She derives her powers from shadows and darkness. She is less aggressive than her sisters, preferring more subtle and manipulative techniques.

Stormy is the youngest of the trio. She has power over the weather, such as thunderstorms, hurricanes, tornadoes, and lightning blasts. She is the most hot-tempered of the group and is prone to violent outbursts. biography

"The Trix are a group of evil witches that give magic a bad name. It's the job of the Winx Club to stop this trio of villainous sisters from destroying the Magic Dimension with their wicked ways. Icy is the chilly leader of the Trix, who will stop at nothing to destroy Bloom and rule the universe. Her followers, Darcy and Stormy, are no better. These girls are pretty powerful when it comes to casting evil spells, but they're still no match for the Winx!" —


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