USS Spaceship is an All That skit spoofing Star Trek. It featured Captain Tantrum (played by Amanda Bynes), commander of the U.S.S. Spaceship. She was only a child and often whined and screamed to get her way. Her crew included:

  • Singo (played by Kel Mitchell): A navigator/gunner who sang everything he said.
  • Commander Kanker (played by Josh Server): A crewman who tried to reason with Captain Tantrum and often failed.
  • Officer Ulcer (played by Kenan Thompson): A "Japanese" engineer who spoke in a Scottish accent and followed orders. He was responsible for accidentally vaporizing the previous captain of the U.S.S. Spaceship named Captain Peril with a hand laser during an attack from Thumbtax.
  • Susumi (played by Alisa Reyes): The ship's communications expert.
  • Lt. Fondue (played by Christy Knowings): Susumi's replacement.

They traveled around space and often encountered villains such as these:

  • Thumbtax (played by Lori Beth Denberg): A mechanical woman who is the hostile queen of Thumbtax race. She speaks in a ridiculous lisp. She is a parody of the Borg Queen. She was once fended off by a mocking alien called a Spongoid (played by John Leguizamo).
  • Swinestein (played by Tricia Dickson): The captain of a ship of Piganoids (a race of pig-like aliens from Porkus II that want to have the galaxy to themselves).
  • Crouton (played by Danny Tamberelli): As his name suggests, he is a large, human-like croûton with mental-based abilities. He is vulnerable to Singo's singing.
  • Velcro (played by Zack McLemore): A felt-made alien with a customizable face and removable hands.

Captain Tantrum would often scream and cry when she encountered the villains. In one memorable sketch, the crew defeated the greedy Piganoids by sending over a missile and then energizing it sending bacon flying everywhere. After the alien villain was defeated, Captain Tantrum would tell her crew to set course to wherever she wants to go. Starring Amanda Bynes as Captain Tantrum, Kel Mitchell as Singo, Josh Server as First Mate, Kenan Thompson as Officer Ulcer, Alisa Reyes as Susumi, and Christy Knowings as Lt. Fondue.