"We have a squirrel that can water ski, enough said! You have to watch Nickelodeon’s Unleashed!"
Gabriel Iglesias

Unleashed (stylized as UNLEASHED) is a live-action animal competition game show on Nickelodeon, hosted by Gabriel Iglesias. It premiered on October 22, 2020.


The series brings the most impressive animal acts together to compete on stage in front of a jury comprised of kids and celebrity judges. Each episode of Unleashed will feature three animal-loving pet owners and their loyal companions as they take the stage to showcase their pet’s extraordinary talents.  From jaw-dropping tricks to hilarious skills, the pet contestants demonstrate their unique abilities… but anything can happen once the cameras start rolling.  Acts throughout the season include a water-skiing squirrel, a cheerleading goat, a hedgehog with a knack for agility tricks, and a soccer-playing horse.  As each act performs, the celebrity judges and kid jury give their reactions before voting to crown the “Most Entertaining Pet” of the night.



Celebrity Judges

Competitors/Pets (Season 1)

  • Sara & Hero - Winner/Most Entertaining Pet (S1, E1)
  • Shadow the Mini Horse & Eva - (S1, E1)
  • Gizmo the Goat - (S1, E1)
  • Christian & Scooby - Winner/Most Entertaining Pet (S1, E2)
  • Cirque Du Sewer - (S1, E2)
  • Zoe & The Chicks - (S1, E2)
  • Tuesday & Lili the Firefighting Dog - (S1, E3)
  • Pepper the Hedgehog - (S1, E3)
  • Savitsky Cats - Winner/Most Entertaining Pet (S1, E3)
  • Canine Stars - Winner/Most Entertaining Pet (S1, E4)
  • Lauren & Koa - (S1, E4)
  • Tag the Bear - (S1, E4)
  • The Amazing Acro-Cats - (S1, E5)
  • Tommie & Ace the Dancing Horse - (S1, E5)
  • Lucy the Crime-Fighting Dog & Sabrina - Winner/Most Entertaining Pet (S1, E5)
  • (S1, E6)
  • (S1, E6)
  • (S1, E6)
  • (S1, E7)
  • (S1, E7)
  • (S1, E7)


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# Title Air date Prod.
U.S. Viewers (millions)
1 "Ready, Set, Goat!" October 22, 2020 101 0.60
2 "Don't Be Such A Chicken!" 102 TBA
3 "Got to Be Kitten Me!" October 29, 2020 103 0.666
4 "We're Why the Chicken Crossed the Road!" November 5, 2020 104 0.359
5 "Horsing Around!" November 12, 2020 105 TBA



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