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  • DantheDVDMan

    For the next few days, I'll be focusing on improving consistency and relevancy in our category system. I've been asked about (and noticed myself) issues with categorization, namely the amount of overly-detailed character categories and inconsistent capitalization. For example:

    • Category:Characters with earrings (and similar categories) may not be necessary, since it just describes a minor facet of a character's appearance
    • Category:Cancelled Shows does not match the capitalization we use on most other categories, so it should be replaced with "Category:Cancelled shows".

    To address these issues, I think we should:

    1. Decide on which categories are genuinely helpful to readers (ex. "The Loud House characters" is helpful and a likely search term, but …
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  • DantheDVDMan

    Hi everyone, it's been brought to my attention that there is an abandoned wiki with the address It's been overrun with vandalism and surprisingly pulls in around 200 page views (on the blank homepage alone) every few weeks. Given that we cover the Nicktoons on this wiki, I've put in a request to have the site closed and redirected to this one. I haven't done this kind of thing before so if there are any updates, I'll post them here.

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  • DantheDVDMan

    Wiki scope

    March 26, 2019 by DantheDVDMan

    Sorry this post is long. TL;DR version: This wiki's scope hasn't been enforced despite admin efforts in the past, and a lot of copied pages about non-notable subjects have been created. Minor subjects should be converted into list pages to align with the wiki's scope. Below I discuss reasoning, past efforts, etc.

    Since my last blog post was successful in attracting admin action, I'm bringing up the wiki's lack of content management (probably its main issue right now). This wiki has no clear systems/rules for page creation in place. Most new pages are imports of pages from other wikis (opening plagiarism issues on its own), and users have asked about condensing these to lists in the past.

    Most wikis have a "Scope" page to help users figure out …

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  • DantheDVDMan

    This wiki's community is in really rough shape. Golfpecks256 outlined a lot of concerns about the administration in this message, which unfortunately has not been responded to by any of the active admins in almost three weeks. He is now requesting a temporary promotion to administrator so that he can help solve the many problems here with his experience.

    Given the likelihood that there might not be any responses to his message, Fandom Staff can take action themselves if the other members of the community reach a consensus. In a best-case scenario, this post will draw more attention to the issue so that we actually get a response from the administration here. Please vote in the comments with either a support or an oppose for Golfpecks256's p…

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