Hi guys!

Just to introduce myself again, my name's Chris and I'm the Fandom Wiki Manager for Nickelodeon Wiki, as part of the Movies/TV vertical.

DantheDVDMan contacted me about a great proposal that passed on this wiki to remove episode articles from this wiki, in favour of using episode list articles more.

I think this is a really sensible decision for the wiki and it could bring rewards not just for this wiki, but other show wikis relating to Nickelodeon too!

The thought I had was to carry out the proposal and delete the episode articles, but to actually link to other Nickelodeon related wikis on the episode list articles.

Let's use Rugrats episode list as an example. Right now, you have all the episodes linking to episode articles created on this wiki. Instead of leaving plain text there, it would make a lot of sense to link to the individual episode articles over at Rugrats Wiki.

That way you're giving users the choice to find out more information about those episodes and you're also giving readers, in a really easy way, the freedom to explore Fandom and find communities relating to their favourite Nickelodeon properties!

This would bring benefits to this wiki as linking to other wikis within Fandom improves search engine rankings for this wiki. Also, a potential idea to be discussed with those communities is to replace all Nickelodeon links on Nickelodeon wikis such as on Rugrats Wiki and have Nickelodeon redirect to this wiki.

This whole process has work really well on Netflix Wiki. Netflix Wiki is the go-to place for all things Netflix and we're encouraging users to explore wikis relating to their favourite content. On many Netflix Wikis, they don't have a Netflix article and they just redirect to Netflix Wiki itself. That brings in views.

It would be great to have this wiki as the go-to place for Nickelodeon and be the definitive fan hub for some of the best TV/Movie content around.

What do you guys think? Comment below! :)