Vendetta (Making Friends)

Vendetta is the main antagonist in the Making Fiends web series and TV series.


Vendetta is an evil green girl with the power to make fiends in her kitchen. When she came to the town of Clamburg everybody feared her because of her vile fiends. Soon enough, she became the unofficial leader of Clamburg.

Vendetta's parents, Violetta and Viktor, have both been shrunk down to an exceptionally tiny size and live in a hamster cage (apparently Grudge's before he was super-sized). Vendetta feeds them croûtons and beans, they seem not to notice the horror she brings on others, or simply disregard it. In the episode "Parentnapped" they became terrified of Charlotte. Though it doesn't say anything about them being afraid of Vendetta, it gives hints that they aren't aware of Clamburg being in terror. In fact, they state that Vendetta doesn't take them anywhere, which may be the reason.

Vendetta makes fiends through a process similar to baking, mixing together ingredients to form them. Vendetta seems to be the only one in Clamburg who knows how to make fiends, although in one episode Charlotte was able to make a friendly fiend without help from Vendetta. (Vendetta only gave her the ingredients.) Marionmade a fiend to destroy Charlotte in "New Best Friend".

Vendetta gets her fiend recipes from a large green cookbook. The base ingredient is a colorless powder, or liquid, called fiend mix. Through Vendetta has been shown in episodes such as "Puppies! Puppies! Puppies!" to be able to make simple fiends from only fiend mix, more complicated ingredients are needed to make fiends with more potential. Another interesting point is that adding any ingredient that doesn't fit can make the fiend come out entirely wrong, as shown in the promo clip "Ralph" and in the segment "Parentnapped".

The crushing fiend that destroys anyone that it hears singing in "No Singing" was made with the following ingredients: Grape punch, three crunchy spiders, and a piece of toast. It came to life in the microwave, which could mean that some fiends are brought to life by being heated. Smash was also made of ingredients seen by viewers. These include a jarful of purple liquid (and the jar), a drop of fiend mix, a toy cymbal playing monkey, and a picture of Charlotte so he will only attack her and not backfire on Vendetta (which happened anyway).

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