Video Dream Theatre is an unaired animated series developed by Geraldine Laybourne for Nickelodeon in 1980. Only two segments were produced, and according to an 2000 interview with Laybourne, they were never televised because Nickelodeon felt the experimental program would not be well-received by children.[1] They were screened for test audiences, but reactions were apparently negative.[2]

The two segments made for the show incorporated a variety of animation techniques to recreate children's dreams, using descriptions mailed to Nickelodeon by actual kids. The first segment featured theatrical-style masks designed by Julie Taymor.[3] The second was animated using color xerography. Laybourne described the program's visual style as interesting from a filmmaker's point of view.[1]

Video Dream Theatre was created at a time when Nickelodeon only aired five shows on a looped schedule. It was the only original animated program produced by the network until 1991, when the first Nicktoons premiered.


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