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"Vital Information" was the longest-running recurring sketch on All That. It appeared from seasons 1-6, and was revived in season 10. In those seven seasons, it was hosted by Lori Beth Denberg in seasons 1-4 and in the 10th Anniversary show, Danny Tamberelli (who replaced Lori Beth Denberg) from season five to six, and Lil' JJ (who replaced Danny Tamberelli) in season ten. It can be seen as the All That version of Weekend Update on Saturday Night Live.

Because All That is limited to a single half hour, as opposed to the 90-minute SNL, there was no time allotted for an actual newscast. It also takes place at a newsdesk, and both skit names involve giving the viewers some sort of news. The similarity is strengthened in the final season of All That, where JJ would only appear in "Vital Information". At the time where Tina Fey was a Weekend Update anchor, she was also head writer, it was the only sketch she would appear in. When Seth Meyers achieved the position after her departure, Meyers also relegated his regular skit appearances to Update.