"Wake Up, Rabbids!" is a second segment in the tenth episode of Rabbids Invasion.


The episode start at the mall. It was closed on midnight. However, the three rabbids fell asleep except the fourth rabbid is still awake and was about to sleep. The fourth rabbid is singing and getting tired while the others are sleeping. Even thought, he still pushing the shop cart until he stopped. The fourth one is still awoke and the second rabbid is sleeping whistle loudly and the fourth rabbid just use a plunger to shut his mouth. After that, he jumped on a side that has an alarm clock. However, the first rabbid stop snoring and start sleep-walking. He get out of the shop cart and climb on the side. Unfortunately, he accidentally press the button alarm clock that can start ticking and he was at the top of the side. This noise ticking cause them to get the other rabbids disturbed except the first rabbid is still sleep-walking. Second thought, this ticking wake up the fourth rabbid and the fourth rabbid just kick the alarm clock away. However, it landed on the second rabbid's head. The fourth one start arguing to take that alarm clock far away. When the first rabbid is sleep-walking, he looks like he was about to fall but his head grab something and jumped on the other side. After that, the clock is still ticking and the fourth rabbid can't sleep. He attempt to find something that can lower down that noisy volume ticking. He grabbed something and push the cart. Then, he put it on the clock but its sound is still noisy. He has to find something that can find better to lower the volume than that. He grabbed a bucket and switch but still cannot make the volume lower. He grabbed a pillow and cover the clock by using a pillow. However, the fourth rabbid can sleep quitely. Before that, the first one is still moving and got dropped on a lot of tollet paper and landed on the ball after the last bounce. He started moving the ball when he still asleep. After that, the clock still ticking until it make an loudly alarm sound. It cause to move the fourth rabbid and the pillow. The both of them accidentally wake up on that sound. However, they attemptted to sleep on the fourth rabbid with a pillow. But the fourth rabbid wake up when they accidentally sleep on him and stand up. He took the pillow, but he accidentally reveled that the alarm clock was under it so the third rabbid kicked it away, but it landed in the first one's arms. As the three rabbids go to sleep, the 1st rabbid is still sleepwalking even with the alarm clock. The 4th rabbid wakes up again and finds out about it. He tries to run away from the 1st rabbid by hiding away, but the 1st rabbid was in the same place and even in the bathroom. By now, the 4th rabbid is running away from the 1st rabbid (who's now on a skateboard), so hethrows a plunger and it pushes the 1st rabbid and just about when the 4th rabbid is ruturning to sleep, the 1strabbid arrived and the 4th rabbid screams. He tries to get away from the sleeping rabbid and the 1st rabbid gets hooked and pulled away. the 4th rabbidis about to go sleep but get hit by the first rabbid and then the first rabbid got left in a toy isle and finally regularly sleeps. Just as the first rabbid goes to sleep the alarm clock is still on the hook and is now over him. He tries to launch it away but ends up flying around and crashes into isles and wakes up the 2nd and 3rd rabbids a few times and argue that one of them woke each other up. the 4th rabbid now lands on a loungechair and loses the alarm clock and finally goes to sleep. However humans start to enter the store and 2nd, 3rd and 4th rabbids barley got any sleep while the 1st rabbid peacefully slept through ALL of the chaos and he tries to energize the tired rabbids, only for them go to sleep, much to the 1st rabbid's dismay.


  • There are no antagonists in this episode.