Oswald Weenie
is the deuteragonist of Oswald. She's Oswald's pet.


Like most pets, Weenie is loyal and affectionate. She keeps Oswald focused and prevents him from getting carried away with an idea. Weenie loves to play with a Frisbee or her favorite ball of yarn. She has her special dish to eat from, her special blanket to snuggle in, and her special bed to sleep in. Weenie only communicates in "bark-speak," making one of her favorite activities howling along with Oswald as he plays on his piano. Weenie will stick with Oswald through thick or thin, and is a great companion to him.


Weenie is a hot dog that’s orange and tan. She has two black eyes and two black floppy ears. Weenie walks on four legs. Her nose and mouth are both black.


Weenie appears in every episode of Oswald. Her first appearance was in "Rollerskating." Her final appearance was in "Snow to Go."

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