"Wet Painters" is the first segment of the 50th episode of SpongeBob SquarePants.



SpongeBob about to paint Mr. Krabs' House.

I'm out of time cards

"Could you move it along? I'm all out of time cards."


"Two giant paint bubbles!"



It is a slow day at the Krusty Krab, and SpongeBob and Patrick are tearing the place down because Squidward tricked them into thinking it would attract customers. Mr. Krabs finds this out, and sentences the two to do a super, special, secret assignment - painting the whole house. But Mr. Krabs tells them that the paint they're using is permanent. So if they get even a drop of paint on anything except the wall, he will cut off their butts and place them above his fireplace.

SpongeBob sees that Mr. Krabs has so many items, and tells Patrick he decides to move the items first. Patrick says that there's no need to move the items because they are not paid to move items. Then they place a tub, but it is just a small tub, so they put more tubs. SpongeBob takes out a huge brush, but decides to use a tiny brush. SpongeBob takes it out, and then carefully paints a drop onto the wall, which begins dropping. SpongeBob blows on it to change direction, and blow dries it off the wall, only to have created a giant paint bubble. Patrick blows another bubble shortly after, and the two merge. SpongeBob assures that the bubble can't get any bigger, but Patrick says "Nonsense!" and inflates the bubble, causing it to pop, covering Mr. Krabs's whole house in paint, without getting a drop on anything...except on Mr. Krabs's first dollar!

SpongeBob tries wiping the tiny stain off with his tie, but it only gets the whole dollar covered in paint. Then they try a couple of methods, including washing it in a washing machine, sprays it, using a saw, beating it up with a club and using a computer (which Patrick just uses to smash it), but they all fail. SpongeBob decides to put another dollar on the wall. Patrick takes out a dollar from his wallet, but uses it to buy a candy bar instead. SpongeBob looks into a mirror, assuring that he shall overcome panic through strength...just as Mr. Krabs approaches his door, thus making SpongeBob's reflection leave him on his own. SpongeBob panics, but comes up with an idea to hide the stained dollar.

Mr. Krabs enters his house to find the lights turned off. He turns them on and sees his house is tidy. SpongeBob and Patrick try to leave, but Mr. Krabs panics, and they think he found the stained dollar. They apologize, but Mr. Krabs is just surprised that they dusted his knick-knacks. He panics again, this time out surprise about the tiny decor. Then he panics again because he finds out that they messed up with his dollorama (one of his hairs in the doll collection is not upright). He says that they can go home now, but then runs into a pile of paintings where his dollar usually is and moves away each one to find SpongeBob covering the dollar. Mr. Krabs soon takes him out of the way to find his first dollar, stained and drawn by crayon (Patrick thought Mr. Krabs would buy it). SpongeBob and Patrick are afraid to have their rear ends cut off, but he soakens the dollar, and the paint (including the crayon marking) comes off of the dollar. The two are confused but SpongeBob finds out that Mr. Krabs says that the paint was permanent so they would be extra careful, but Mr. Krabs said he tricked them just for fun. Shortly after, he laughs at his own jest, causing SpongeBob and Patrick to leave in disgust. But Mr. Krabs causes spit to come from his mouth and onto the painted walls, causing the whole coat of paint to drop, assuring that he needs to learn how to "say it, not spray it".


  • One of the pictures on the wall is very similar to the paintings of the 1920-1930's Dutch painter Piet Mondrian
  • One of the paintings on the stack is the portrait of Painty the Pirate from the opening sequence.
  • The episode's plot is similar to the 1997 film Bean, where Mr. Bean ruins and devastates the Whistler's Mother portrait with ink.
  • In Bahasa Indonesia version of this title, Mr. Krabs says "dollar lama" when pointing his dollarama. In Indonesian, there are no direct translation of "dollarama". Also, the dubber of Mr. Krabs made a mistake by saying "dollar lama", or "old dollar" in English if re-translated, and making a great confusion among adult viewers in Indonesia.
  • It was later revealed how Mr. Krabs got his first dollar in "Friend or Foe".
  • At one point, Mr. Krabs is singing "Blow the Man Down", the sea shanty the SpongeBob SquarePants theme song is based on.
  • A picture of Popeye is visible among the pictures in Mr. Krabs' house.
  • In this episode, Mr. Krabs is heard saying "you messed up my dollar," rather than his usual "me."
  • When we take a close up look on the dollar after SpongeBob rubs it with his tie the second time, there is still some green on the dollar. The next shot where we zoom out, it is completely covered with paint.
  • The way that SpongeBob says "yeah" after blowing the steam with the hairdryer is the same way he says it in "Pre-Hibernation Week".
  • The storyboard version has a scene with SpongeBob saying "I dedicate this crash to my best friend."
  • SpongeBob and Patrick could have just flipped the dollar and put it back on the wall, however considering they both are not very smart, they might not have known they could.
  • When SpongeBob and Patrick tried to wash the paint off the dollar with the laundry machine, the wall was not painted, and in when they used a fan, the wall was painted, and when SpongeBob used a bat on Patrick, the wall was not painted again, and when Patrick smashed the dollar with the computer, the wall was painted again.
  • While SpongeBob and Patrick are saying "but" after the paint on dollar is removed by saliva, SpongeBob's front teeth appears to be single rather than two.
  • The door at Mr. Krabs' house is switching left to right. When he advises the two, he opened the door. But after, the handle switched to the right.
  • It appears in this episode that Mr. Krabs has a doll-a-rama and a candy machine in his house. But in other episodes, he doesn't.
  • Since the paint was not permanent they should have not been able to paint because they are under water.
  • Due to an error, the 1998 Klasky-Csupo logo was seen instead of the United Plankton Pictures logo on the earliest (pre-2006) prints of this episode and its partner episode, "Krusty Krab Training Video".

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  • SpongeBob SquarePants: The Complete 3rd Season
  • SpongeBob SquarePants: The First 100 Episodes
  • SpongeBob SquarePants: SpongeBob, You're Fired!

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