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This is a victorious episode.

Plot Trina stole Tori's favorite doll and Tori knows Trina won't give it back unless Tori lets her star in her movie. After Tori lets her audition for the movie Tori begs Trina for her toy back. As seen later Trina did give it back. When the movie starts Trina crashes into the set on a string making an error. Just then the school counsellor comes to say Trina is okay but they're all suspects of the crime. Jade who knows the most information tells the story about how she thinks it happened. Her story was similar to the true story as the gang agree's with Jade except Andre says it wasn't that nasty. Then Tori tells her story and makes Jade seem as a Villain. After Tori thinks it was just a fine mistake and the councillor agrees. Later when Robbie goes to bed Rex admits to have done it to Trina stating that since Robbie is the puppeteer he did it.

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