"Who Gives a Buck" is the second segment of the first-aired episode of Rocko's Modern Life (though it is the seventh episode in production order).


Heffer tells Rocko that he needs to get some new furniture due to how bad his house currently looks, a point that Rocko concedes after seeing that Spunky's dog food bowl has melted (due to Heffer trying to warm up some of his dog treats in the microwave). Rocko, however, says there's no way he can buy any new furniture because he has no cash to do so. Just then, he receives a Conglom-O credit card in the mail, and Heffer convinces him to go on a spending spree at the Conglom-O Mall (formerly the O-Town National Forest).

After Rocko, Heffer, and Spunky drive all the way into space to find a parking spot, they enter the mall and find the dog bowl store. Although Rocko intends to simply go after a basic-model dog bowl, the salesman, knowing that Rocko has a credit card, urges that Spunky pick out the dog bowl. Spunky picks out the Leak Elite, an expensive dog bowl more resembling a fire hydrant, and Rocko charges for it. Just as they leave the dog bowl store, however, Rocko sees a painting of a "sad crying clown in an iron lung" and, despite trying to resist the temptation, is urged by Heffer into buying it with his credit card. This sends Rocko into a frenzy of buying way too many things with the credit card, a choice he soon regrets when he returns home. To compound matters further, he starts receiving phone calls and even ransom-style notes from the Conglom-O repossession department, demanding that he pay for his purchases by 8 AM tomorrow. Furious with the mess he's gotten into, Rocko chops up the credit card.

The next morning, Conglom-O's repo department makes good on their warnings and take away everything Rocko purchased. Although Spunky is saddened at the loss of his new dog bowl, Rocko cheers him up by saying they still have each other. Heffer then shows up, bringing with him Spunky's new dog bowl, saying he wanted to save at least one of Rocko's purchases. When Rocko asks how he paid for it, Heffer explains that he traded one of his stomachs for it through an organ exchange program.

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  • The Best of Rocko's Modern Life - Volume 2
  • Rocko's Modern Life: Season One
  • Rocko's Modern Life: The Complete Series

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