Principal Wilbur T. Huggins is the no-nonsense principal of Royal Woods Elementary on The Loud House. He is quite strict about enforcing the school rules, but like Lincoln and Clyde, he is also a fan of Ace Savvy.

As a child, Huggins was a lonely boy who'd always wanted to make his own comic and get recognized but failed so he focused on studying. He worked hard and became a teacher and later a principal of his school.

In the episode "Frog Wild", he discovers the frogs were stolen in Mrs. Johnson's classroom; however, Lincoln is the frog hero because of Lana's disagreement on dissecting frogs. He gives Lincoln detention.

He appears again in "Pulp Friction", he confiscate Lincoln and Clyde's own Ace Savvy comic so he can keep it forever by eliminate them from competition; but in the near end, he participates an Ace Savvy Comic book contest to meet Bill Buck meet the creator of Ace Savvy.

In "Absent Minded", it is revealed that he himself got Royal Woods Elementary's perfect attendance award 30 years ago, and was the last student to do so before Clyde did.


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