Willie (more commonly known as The Jolly Olly Man) is a fictional character in Hey Arnold!.


He wears a white ice cream man uniform with a cap. He has black hair and brown skin. In earlier appearances, his head is more rounded, but later became more square-shaped.


Willie is an ice cream salesman who drives the Jolly Olly Ice Cream Truck. He hates kids, but he's forced to tolerate them as his clients. This is his 58th job, and he has enough trouble keeping his boss (who also happens to be his father) happy.

It's possible he has some sort of mental illness, as proven by his delusional opinion of what he sees of the children whom he sells to, and what he described as his worst day. He can be seen as a bit jittery at time, easily angered and can have a hot temper, often cowardly, and he's normally seen with a sour disposition. He also appears to suffer from depression as well.

As Arnold's career day mentor, the Jolly Olly Man learned to be more friendly to his customers and earned the respect of the neighorhood children. However, it appeared that the Jolly Olly Man later regressed, as he stole Phil's packard under the alias of ”Ivana Divancevic”.


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