Miss Fowl is a supporting character from The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius. She is Jimmy's teacher with a very vague age. Usually, when Jimmy questions the assignments, she skips ahead to some other activity. Usually when Jimmy show offs his inventions, she ends up being the victim of them (such as getting shrunk or turning into a green plant monster). She often makes various parrot noises when she talks.

After the movie was released, there was a sneak preview for the show. In the Q&A part, it is revealed she is still tiny and Jimmy's trying to get her back to normal size (which he obviously did). 

Ms. Fowl had a cameo in an episode of The Loud House along with other elderly Nicktoons characters, where they are swimming in a pool together. 

She is based off of John A. Davis' elementary school teacher, Ms. Larsen.

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