Yes Man is a main character in the Nicktoons Network series Kappa Mikey. He is voiced by Jesse Adams.


Yes Man has fair skin and black hair. He normally wears a gray business suit with a white shirt, a black tie, and a pair of large eyeglasses with a light yellow tint. He is occasionally shown wearing boxers with Ozu faces on them.


As his name implies, Yes Man always agrees with Ozu and kisses up to him. He tends to yell everything he says and lives in a drawer underneath Ozu's bed.


  • Ozu - Ozu and Yes Man are best friends. Ozu says that although Yes Man's voice is loud and annoying, it has grown on him. Yes Man has been a fan of Ozu since he was very young, and used to want an Ozu doll for his birthday.
  • LilyMu Team - Yes Man rarely interacts with the LilyMu team directly, despite how much he is around them. On several occasions, the cast members seem not to know Yes Man very well. In "Saving Face," Mikey sees Yes Man and says "I'd hate to be that guy," implying that he does not know his name. In "Mikey Likes It," Mitsuki randomly beats up Yes Man when she is mad.


  • It is revealed in "The Fugi-Kid" that Yes Man used to be called "Denim Boy."
  • In "The Oni Express," Ozu temporarily replaces Yes Man with Guano.


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