The Yokian Fleet Commander is the fleet commander of King Goobot V and the main antagonist of the PC version of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius (video game).


The Yokian Fleet Commander was employed by King Goobot V to help him coordinate his destinations.

Finding The Rebel Base

After his king's shell was cracked, the Fleet Commander was ordered to hunt down a base of rebels who oppose Yokus at an unknown planet. However, his lieutenant was distracted by a map showing sounds coming from Jimmy Neutron.

Seeking Jimmy Neutron

Since the Fleet Commander is busy ordering his fleet around, he sent his troops to capture Jimmy Neutron. However, they captured Carl Wheezer, to the Fleet Commander's anger, whom he destroyed the shell of his lieutenant. He hired a back-up lieutenant to search for Jimmy Neutron as soon as possible. His lieutenant instead found Cindy Vortex, who knew where Jimmy is. Once Jimmy Neutron arrived by the Fleet Commander's vessel, he ordered his guards to imprision Jimmy, but failed. As a result, the Fleet Commander gave Jimmy permission to leave his friends alone while warning him that it isn't the last time they meet.


The Yokian Fleet Commander is a devious ally of King Goobot, but unlike Goobot, he doesn't care about sacrifices. However, he gets upset when his soldiers fail him or do their job quickly.


  • The Fleet Commander is voiced by Rob Paulsen, who voiced Evil Jimmy Neutron.
  • The Yokian Fleet Commander is an homage to Darth Vader from the Star Wars films.