"You Doo" is the firs segment of the 60th episode of The Fairly OddParents.



Timmy's You Doo Doll nearly gets destroyed.

After getting bullied by Francis yet again, Timmy is determined to get back at him. Hearing about Timmy's thirst for revenge, Cosmo mentions Yoo Doo dolls, which are secret dolls they never tell kids about due to how dangerous they are. A You Doo doll is similar to a Voodoo Voodoo doll, meaning that whatever you do to the doll happens to the person the doll resembles. Using a Timmy Yoo Doo doll to demonstrate the effect, Cosmo tosses the Timmy doll, causing Timmy to get tossed as well and injure himself. Witnessing the powerful things these dolls could do, Timmy wishes up a Francis doll and twists the limbs of the doll, horribly distorting Francis's body. Blinded by the sheer potential of the doll, Timmy ends up wishing up an entire box of You Doo dolls, the dolls resembling his friends and family. Able to control people, Timmy abuses his power, using it to hurl Veronica, Tad and Chad into the air so that he could talk to Trixie. Everything's going great until Tootie finds the Timmy doll Cosmo tossed earlier, and Timmy figures this out after he is forced to say mean and nasty things about Trixie and compliment Tootie. And if things couldn't get worse, the Timmy doll ends up in Francis's hands!

Francis throws the doll away, badly injuring Timmy. The doll then ends up on a rocket, which blasts off, shooting Timmy into the air. As they fall through the sky after the rocket stops, Timmy is sure he would be killed by the impact, so he throws together a makeshift parachute for the Yoo Doo doll, allowing it to land safely on a tree branch and allowing him to land lightly on the ground as well. Unfortunately, the doll then falls into a wood chipper, and the blades slowly start shredding the doll up, starting from its hat. His hat disappearing gradually, Timmy hurriedly opens his box of You Doo dolls and finds the Cosmo and Wanda dolls, only to discover that they've been dismembered after Cosmo and Wanda had a You Doo doll fight where they would abuse and pull apart each other's dolls. Quickly putting together the pieces, Timmy uses the doll to make Wanda say that they should get to the school. They poof to the school, and a panicked Timmy quickly wishes that the You Doo dolls were gone. Right before Timmy's You Doo doll was torn into pieces, it disappears and so does the whole boxful of them. After this scarring experience, Timmy learns a very valuable lesson: it's wrong and abusive to control people, and boys shouldn't play with dolls. Apparently, they should stick to action figures.

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