Yvette Nicole Brown

Yvette Nicole Brown (born August 12, 1971) is an American actress and comedian. Brown has appeared in various commercials, television shows, and films throughout her career. Currently, she appears as Shirley Bennett on the NBC comedy series Community.

She is also known for playing Helen Dubois, the manager of the movie theater The Premiere on Drake and Josh. The character heavily favored Drake Parker while often showing disdain towards her employee Josh Nichols. The only time she was unable to play the character was the episode "Little Diva", where Frances Callier substituted for her. She reprised the role in the "Helen Back Again" episode of Victorious, where DuBois became the principal of Hollywood Arts High School.

She played Coral Barns in the of True Jackson, VP episode "Company Retreat", and an art student in the iCarly episode "iMust Have Locker 239".

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