The following is a list of episodes in the first season of Zoey 101.


# Title Original air date Code
No Image.png 1 "Welcome to PCA" January 9, 2005
Pacific Coast Academy (PCA), formerly an all-boys school, is now letting in female students for the first time. When Zoey Brooks arrives, she must now deal with the pressures of being a new student, as well as being a girl in a school of mostly boys. She goes to PCA with her brother,Dustin, and the first person she meets is Chase Matthews, a friendly boy who develops a crush on her the moment he sees her and meets her other future friends. Also, she encounters her first challenge ever: a five-on-five against the guys.
No Image.png 2 "New Roomies" January 9, 2005
Zoey's roommates, Nicole and Dana, constantly fight. To get away from this, she moves in with a girl named Quinn Pensky. After Zoey moves in, she finds out that she is very interested in science and invents numerous things which she calls "Quinnventions", some of which freak Zoey out and make her want to move back in with Nicole and Dana. But when she sees that Nicole and Dana are getting along well after Zoey moves, she decides to stay with Quinn since she doesn't want to hurt her feelings. Meanwhile, Dustin is trying to make money.
No Image.png 3 "Webcam" January 16, 2005
Logan brings a present for the girls: a stuffed teddy bear wearing a PCA shirt. They put it in the lounge. Shortly after, the guys begin to find out their secrets, like the fact that Quinn eats baby food. The girls start to blame each other for revealing the secrets. Later, they realize that the bear Logan gave them was a webcam in it, which he and Michael are using to spy on them. Michael admits that spying on them was wrong and he is forgiven, but Logan is not and the girls begin to plot revenge against him.
No Image.png 4 "Defending Dustin" January 23, 2005
When a school bully forces Dustin to do his homework for him, Zoey confronts the bully in public, embarrassing Dustin. So Dustin decided that Zoey is babying him too much. He tries to tell Zoey that he can defend himself by his own. Meanwhile, Zoey, Nicole, Dana, Chase, and Michael try to hide their dog, Elvis, away from their dorm advisor, Coco, since it's against school rules for having pets on campus.
No Image.png 5 "Prank Week" January 30, 2005
Prank Week, a PCA tradition where old prank new ones, has begun. The boys prank the girls multiple times, so the girls decide to prank the boys back, which violates tradition; they are supposed to just let the boys prank them. The boys were supposed to keep a statue of the founder of PCA clean, so Zoey comes up with a prank and the girls put womens' clothes on it. But when the son of PCA's founder sees it, he is very angry. He tells the girls that it's going to be their last semester at PCA and then PCA once again becomes boys only. After all the sadness from the girls, Zoey figures out a way of how the girls can stay at PCA.
No Image.png 6 "Jet X" February 13, 2005
Mr. Bender has invited a special friend of his to come and show the class a new scooter called "Jet X". He has asked the whole class to get into groups and organize group commercials. He said the winning commercial will get aired on TV 100 times and whoever wins, gets to win a Jet X for free. Will Logan's riches win the Jet-X's for the guys or will Zoey's ideas win the Jet-X's for the girls?
No Image.png 7 "The Play" February 20, 2005
Chase writes a play where he is cast as a lifeguard, and Zoey is cast as an alien who washes up on the lifeguard's shore. Chase is excited because at the end, the two characters kiss. However, Logan auditions and gets to cast as the lifeguard. Chase becomes obsessed with what will happen between Logan and Zoey. Meanwhile, Dustin has a fever and Quinn tries to cure him by using one of her "Quinnventions".
No Image.png 8 "Quinn's Date" March 6, 2005
Quinn develops a crush on a boy named Mark Del Figgalo, but is too afraid to ask him out, so she asks Zoey to ask him out for her. Mark disagrees, but after seeing Quinn so excited about the date, Zoey lies to her that Mark said yes so as not to hurt her feelings, resulting in Quinn thinking she's going out with Mark. Zoey, worried that Quinn will find out that she's not really going out with Mark, asks Chase to go on a double date with her, Mark and Quinn. Meanwhile, Dustin takes care of Elvis while the other boys are busy even though he's very afraid of animals.
No Image.png 9 "Spring Fling" March 13, 2005
Zoey, Dana, Nicole sign up for the spring fling committee in order to get Drake Bell to perform at their spring fling. But when they find out they have to have $5,000 for Drake to play at spring fling, Zoey and the gang put up a fund-raiser. Meanwhile, Quinn is testing an experiment on Dustin to see his reaction when Quinn deprives him of sleep.
No Image.png 10 "Backpack" April 3, 2005
After Nicole buys a $50 backpack she messed up at the bookstore, she is broke and starts calling the backpack stupid. But when Zoey re-designed the backpack using her ideas, Nicole likes it and keeps it. Later on, Zoey's backpack idea is stolen from a girl named Stacy and she makes a lot of money, so Zoey and the gang try to get revenge on her.
No Image.png 11 "Disc Golf" April 10, 2005
The gang is worn out from always running in gym class. Nicole keeps throwing up and is tired of it. To solve this, they decide to put together a disc golf team to keep them from doing gym class. Also, Michael is not happy with his weight due to him being addicted to chips, so he gets Quinn to solve his problem.
No Image.png 12 "School Dance" April 17, 2005
The school dance committee implements an experimental personality-based partner selection process, while Mr.Benders fly was down. Chase tries to get matched up with Zoey, and does so by tricking her into giving him the answers that she put into the personality test. However, his plan backfires when another guy called Glen steals Zoey's test and copies down the answers, causing him to also get matched up with Zoey. She must then pick between Chase and Glen. Chase is upset and tries to get Zoey to pick him.
No Image.png 13 "Little Beach Party" May 1, 2005
It's the end of the semester and Zoey and her friends are excited for PCA's annual beach party, but they end up going to the wrong beach unsupervised. It turns out that they aren't at Mystic Beach (where the big PCA party is) and have no way of getting back. But, they throw their own party and Quinn works her magic and finds a way to go back to PCA.