The following is a list of episodes in the second season of Zoey 101.


# Title Original air date Code
No Image.png 14 "Back to PCA" September 10, 2005
It's the second semester at P.C.A. Dana left for the European Exchange Program, so Zoey and Nicole need a new roommate. When they come back to their dorm they find a goth girl named Lola who is freaky, but is only acting. They learn that Lola is their new roommate. Meanwhile, Michael and Chase have to deal with Logan, who goes completely overboard on the entertainment system for their new dorm room.
No Image.png 15 "Time Capsule" September 18, 2005
Mr. Bender decides to have each person in his class put an item that best represents them into a time capsule. Chase is desperate to know what Zoey has said about him in the video she made to put in the time capsule, and will go to any lengths to find out. Also, Nicole tries to help Quinn to stop snoring.
No Image.png 16 "The Election" October 9, 2005
It's election time. Class presidents have to be voted for and Chase and Zoey nominate each other as a joke. Then they make a pact that whatever happens, they promise that the election won't affect their friendship. However, when Logan helps Chase win the election (against his will), Zoey gets mad at him.
No Image.png 17 "Haunted House" October 30, 2005
Every Halloween at PCA, the secondary makes a haunted house for the lower school. This year, Logan is in charge. He promises everybody that the haunted house will not just make them scream but it will make them cry. But when Dustin and his roommate, Jack, get lost in the haunted house, Logan starts to get scared and starts to wonder where Dustin and his roommate have gone. Michael gets chased all over PCA by some French tourists who think he is ill, and Nicole gets a case of mistaken identity when she chases Mark.
No Image.png 18 "Bad Girl" November 13, 2005
Dustin's new girlfriend, Trisha Kirby (Jennette McCurdy), turns out to be a very naughty girl. Zoey sends Chase to persuade Trisha to stop going out with Dustin and go for someone older. She gets the wrong idea and thinks that Chase is asking her out and she accepts. To make Trisha stop going out with Chase, he and Zoey pretend to be girlfriend and boyfriend. Meanwhile, Michael and Logan get sprayed by a skunk.
No Image.png 20 "Girls Will Be Boys" January 29, 2006
The girls can no longer relax on the boy's dorm roof thanks to Logan. To solve this problem, they must prove that boys can act the same with girls around. So, they disguise Lola as a boy and goes to live with Chase and Logan, taking Michael's place when he pretends to be sick.
No Image.png 21 "Robot Wars" February 12, 2006
Zoey challenges some computer geeks to a Bot battle, but first they must build a Bot to compete. The gang asks Quinn for help, but when Logan makes fun of her and everyone laughs, she decides not to help. So, they ask the smartest guy at PCA to help, but on one condition: Nicole must go on a date with him.
No Image.png 22 "Lola Likes Chase" February 26, 2006
When Lola develops a crush on Chase, Zoey and Chase are forced to address their relationship. With some advice from Michael, Chase decides to say yes to the date and forgets all the things that he planned to do with Zoey. This makes Zoey feel jealous and upset. Meanwhile, Logan teaches Dustin how to impress the ladies, only to see Dustin get a date but he himself fails to.
No Image.png 23-24 "Spring Break-Up" March 10, 2006
Zoey and the gang go to Logan's Beach House for Spring Break and find out that they are on the testing of Logan's dad's new show called "Gender Defenders". Meanwhile, Chase accidentally sends a text message to Zoey about his love for her. Will this spring break turn out to be a spring bummer?
No Image.png 25 "People Auction" April 9, 2006
After a fire burns down PCA's sushi bar, Zoey and the gang hold a people auction to raise money in order to rebuild it. Chase and Michael get auctioned to the sushi-crazy gym teacher. Zoey, Lola, and Nicole become Logan's personal cheerleaders, and they are told to "cheer his awesomeness", as in cheer for everything he does. His plan backfires when the girls decide to cheer for everything he does.
No Image.png 26 "Quinn's Alpaca" April 16, 2006
Quinn's pet alpaca, Otis, is depressed because he misses her, leaving her feeling depressed as well. The girls then decide to try and cheer her up by throwing an alpaca-themed party. However, this only made her miss Otis even more and she left PCA to meet with him, which could get her suspended as it is the middle of the semester. Meanwhile, the guys make a bet to see who can go the longest without saying anything containing the letter 'S' and the person who loses has to run across the campus wearing nothing but a bikini top, a hula skirt, and a flashing red helmet.