The following is a list of episodes in the fourth season of Zoey 101, listed in production order.


# Title Original air date Code
No Image.png 53 "Fake Roommate" January 27, 2008
Michael and Logan attempt to fool the housing lady into thinking that Chase is still at PCA .so that they do not need to obtain a new roommate. To do this, Logan makes a fake Chase. Meanwhile, it is time for Coco's job review with Dean Rivers. After learning that he likes lions, she tries to please him by bringing a "tame" lion into his office. Dean Rivers enters the office and the lion attacks, sending him to the hospital. Thus, Coco is fired and the girls' new dorm advisor is a girl named Mira.
No Image.png 54 "Alone at PCA" February 3, 2008
It's semester break, and the gang is all set to go on a trip to Yosemite. Coco, who was supposed to bring them there, suddenly cancels the trip, leaving the gang at PCA. They are unhappy, but Dean Rivers reminds them of the fun they can have with the campus to themselves. However, the fun comes to an end when his prized golfing trophy is smashed by a hockey stick. He assumes that Logan and Michael did it, as they are the only ones on campus with hockey sticks. However, they did not really do it, so the girls try to prove them innocent. Meanwhile, Stacey Dillsen waits four days to go skiing with her parents, but they stood her up.
No Image.png 55 "Rumor Of Love" February 10, 2008
A new PCA student named James Garrett, who is a girl magnet, becomes Michael and Logan's roommate. They eventually make James leave as he did not feel wanted in their room. Since James is a celebrity among girls, Logan is upset as he wants girls to date him, not James. After seeing Zoey bring James to Sushi Rox for lunch, he decides to create a rumor that they are dating, so that girls will not date him but will date Logan.
No Image.png 56 "Anger Management" February 17, 2008
Dustin is Logan's new assistant. However, the job is short-lived after Logan leaves Dustin an angry voicemail, which Dustin showed to James, Michael and Zoey. James then puts it on the Internet and everybody hears the message. Dean Rivers then sentences Logan to anger management classes. Meanwhile, Lola eats nuts that Quinn spat out, and becomes angry at Quinn because she did not immediately tell her that those peanuts were in her mouth when she saw Lola eating them.
No Image.png 57 "Quinn Misses the Mark" February 24, 2008
Quinn and Mark agree to stop dating for a while, but Quinn sees him with a girl named Brooke, and is upset. She decides to start a new look to get Mark back. She begins to change her hairstyle, clothes, and makeup. Quinn's plans don't seem to go the right way, but she gets attention from other guys, including Logan. Meanwhile, a horse begins following Michael because he feeds Logan's cookies to it.
No Image.png 58 "Trading Places" January 27, 2008
Zoey returns to PCA to talk to Chase, but discovers that Chase has recently transferred to Covington to be with her. After Chase and Zoey meet through video chat, Chase reveals that he has to stay at Covington for at least one full semester. They agree to go on a "video chat date", but it doesn't work out very well.
No Image.png 59 "Walk-A-Thon" March 9, 2008
Zoey and Dustin are participating in a charity walk-a-thon at PCA called The Big Walk, and they are getting sponsors to donate, but Lola accidentally pledges a total of $600. Zoey visits Carmine, the organizer of the walk-a-thon, to explain the problem to him, and discover that he is extremely fierce. Meanwhile, Quinn and Logan start dating privately, and they have to convince everyone, especially Michael, who may have seen them hugging, that they still hate each other. Also, Lola attempts to knit a sweater, but finds it very difficult.
No Image.png 60 "Vince Is Back" March 22, 2008
The gang is surprised to find out that the bully and football star, Vince Blake, is back after being expelled. The girls decide to just ignore him, which proves harder then expected, but the guys decide that it's time for some revenge, or "comeuppance" as Michael calls it. Meanwhile, Dean Rivers attempts to test his daughter's Cheesy Bake Oven for safety, and uses it to bake a blueberry cheesecake.
No Image.png 61 "Dinner For Two Many" March 30, 2008
Zoey wants to go on a date with just James, with none of their other friends, at Vaccaros. Meanwhile, Quinn hates having to sneak around when spending time with Logan, and they plan a romantic dinner as their first real date. They also decide to go to Vaccaros, thinking that no-one else at PCA could afford the food there. Both couples, however, end up sitting right next to each other. Zoey notices them, and after two different lies told to cover up their secret, Michael and Lola end up joining the two couples, creating more chaos.
No Image.png 62 "Coffee Cart Ban" April 6, 2008
After an accident involving coffee carts and his wife, Dean Rivers bans all coffee carts at PCA and makes a rule that no coffee is allowed on campus. Logan and Michael start selling coffees in their room, but overcharges his customers, selling large coffees at $9 per cup, and $1 more for sugar. When the girls find out, they decide to open another coffee sale in their room, but they charge less than half of what Michael and Logan charge, at $4 per large cup. Logan finds out, and he decides to tell Dean Rivers about them selling coffee in their room.
No Image.png 63 "Roller Coaster" April 27, 2008
The gang's class are taken on a field trip to go on a rollercoaster, and everyone is excited, execpt for Michael. He seems to have a big problem going on, but will the gang be able to help him out, and will Lisa stand by his side?
No Image.png 64-65 "Chasing Zoey" May 2, 2008
The end of the school year is approaching, and that means Prom is too! Zoey is going to spend her summer on Maul, but when James offers to come along, her reaction isn’t what he expected. Meanwhile, Michael gets a classic car from his father so he can drive Lisa to the Prom. The only problem is, Michael can’t drive stick. However, he finds guidance in the unlikeliest of places. Quinn and Logan want to go to Prom, but they want to keep their secret too, so they decide to pick each other’s dates—the result is not what either of them expected. Meanwhile, Lola is made head of the Prom committee, and all she wants is to arrive fashionably late, but will she be able to? Chase comes back to PCA causing Zoey to have to choose between him or James.